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This book is a simplified Telugu translation of the biography of Our Founder and gives a brief history of the Society and the Provinces in India. This book was released on the occasion of the sesquicentennial death anniversary of our Founder Fr.Mathias Wolff S.J. in Bangalore.

 Rev. Sr.Mary Catherine Pudota
This book consists of the explanation of the theme of our chapter"Fan into flame the Spirit of JMJ" and the profile of a JMJ sister based on the teachings of our Founder Fr.Mathias Wolff.S.J. This book is written by our chapter Guide Fr.Vijaya Prabhu.S.J.
Fr.Vijaya Prabhu.S.J.
Reflections on pious Maxims of the founder, on the occasion of the 160th Heavenly Birthday of Rev. Fr. Mathias Wolff SJ, the founder of the society of JMJ.
Fr.Vijaya Prabhu.S.J.
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