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Our Life Together

Society of Jesus Mary Joseph - Our Life Together

Community Life: We strive to build truly Eucharistic and Prophetic communities towards fullness of life marked by true sisterhood, transcending all divisions and celebrating the differences where every Sister feels a sense of belonging and loyalty towards the Society realizing that we have a common mission in the community.

Community Built on

Praying Together: Because we have chosen for a common life in the service of the Kingdom, common prayer is important.

Dining Together: Working together at the mutual bond, appears as the realization of a home where all can be seated at one table.

Being Together: In our communities we want to give expression to our faith that Christ has brought us together to support and enrich one another.

Working Together: In our community we all want to co-operate in bringing about an atmosphere in which we support and inspire one another, for this it is necessary that we are able to sink our own desires in order to meet the real desires of others.


Community prayer, sharing of meals and recreation are important means to shape our communities.

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