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Healing Ministry

Society of Jesus Mary Joseph - Healing Ministry

The Society of JMJ took roots with an objective of education but the charism of the Society impelled the Sisters to care for the sick in accordance to the signs of the times. Thus, we devote ourselves with compassion, rendering loving service to bind the wounded and bring about fullness of life through our healing ministry

When Dr.Mary Glowrey felt that it was her “privilege to rise up in haste and cross, not the hills but the seas and carry Jesus to many a mother and child”, sailed to India surrendering herself completely to God’s will and joined the Society of JMJ and became the first Sister doctor (Sr.Mary of the Sacred Heart) to practice medicine in India. She holds the honor of being the Pioneer of JMJ Health care ministry in India, Foundress of the Catholic Health Association of India (CHAI) and a source of inspiration to start St.John’s Medical College, Bangalore.



Sr.Mary of the Sacred Heart (Sr. Dr. Mary Glowrey M.D)
Born:23.08.1887 Entrance to the Soc: 12.02.1920 Died; 05.05.1957

The prominent figure when we look into the health ministry of Bangalore Province is Dr.Sr.Veronica of the Holy Face. She was the foundress of St.Philomena’s Hospital, Bangalore. She served the sick with love and compassion, a smile always beamed on her face, disseminating to all who get in touch with her the peace, love and joy that she enjoyed in the service of the sick.

We must love everything and everyone for God, in God and in order to serve God better.

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