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Society of Jesus Mary Joseph - Education

“Heart of education is the education of the heart”
Motto: “Love, Joy, Service”

Our Founder Fr.Mathias Wolff S.J.realized that the best way to liberate people from various kinds of oppression was to give value based education. The JMJ Society from its inception has been engaged in the field of education.

Sr.Stanislaus Swamikannu Pillai who hailed from Chennai in India responded to the call of God through the Society of JMJ and became the foundress of JMJ Education Ministry in India. She was the first Indian to be admitted to the Soc. of JMJ. This initiative of Sr.Stanislaus Swamikannu spread in our homeland with far reaching results.



Sr.Stanislaus Swamikannu
Born: 02.01.1897, Entrance to the Soc.:15.08.1923, Died: 14.07.1975

Schools - English Medium

- JMJ Integrated for Blind, Athani
- St.Joseph’s, Dargamitta
- Nirmala, Kadapa
- JMJ, Kadapa
- St.Xavier’s, Ongole
- JMJ, Sirsi
- JMJ, Shiggaon
- JMJ, Siruguppa
- JMJ, Sivadi

Schools - Telgu Medium

- St.Joseph’s, Nellore
- St.Xavier’s, Ongole
- Our Lady of Fatima, Porumamilla

Schools - Kannada Medium

- JMJ, Mariammanahalli
- Vijaya Marie,Siruguppa
- JMJ Sirsi

Colleges - Junior

- JMJ, Kadapa
- St.Xavier’s , Ongole
- JMJ,Sirsi

Colleges - D. Ed

- JMJ,Sirsi

Colleges - Medical Nursing

- ANM –St. Joseph’s, Nellore
- GNM –St.Philomena’s, Bangalore
- B.Sc- St.Philomena’s, Bangalore
- St.Joseph’s, Nellore
- M.Sc -St.Philomena’s,Bangalore
- PG(MRCOG)– St.Philomena’s, Bangalore
- DNB -St. Philomena’s, Bangalore

Vocational - Tailoring Institute

- Infant Jesus, Chellanam
- JMJ, Devar-Hipparagi
- JMJ, Dornahalli

Vocational - Grihini School

- Porumamilla

Vocational - Computer Education

- Porumamilla
We must love everything and everyone for God, in God and in order to serve God better.

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